v:ar platform™

v:ar platform works with companies and brands around the world to deliver best in class AR Experinces.

Global Infrastructure

From Wellington to Tokyo; Edinburgh to Vancouver..., feel confident that your AR experience will never falter or lag - v:ar platform™ is truly global from the start.

ÃIS ~ Cloud Based Delivery

By maximizing the power of our global infrastructure, we added our AiS (Ãlways-in-Sync) layer to replicate, back-up and deliver 24/7/365

Ubiquitous Configuration

We use a subset of leading AR extensions, geo location and mapping services, v:ar platform™ takes that 4 stages further with its amazing redundant quad-core switching capability.

3D Viewing

AR is about enhancing the users experience, by challenging the 3D world around us, we deliver a unique perspective with 3D sprites/worlds.


With VídriØ technology at its core, v:ar platform has been developed for a true rapid development & delivery of your AR experience.


Augmented Reality should be enjoyed by everyone. ViE (Vision impairment Experience) a truly unique experience for the vision impairments - coming early 2020.